Line Worker Helper (CMP 47452)

Company Name:
Company: Central
Job Title: Line Worker Helper
Location: Dover Service Center ME
CMP-ME-Dover Service Building
Safely performs, under supervision, all types of distribution and transmission line work including the proper use of hand tools and other equipment.
Acquires a good working knowledge of all commonly used items of material and is capable of assembling various fixtures for installation.
Prepares and keeps such records as may be required and performs other appropriate work as may be assigned.
Must be eighteen (18) years of age and a high school graduate or equivalent, preferably with additional technical training.
Must have a valid motor vehicle license and a safe driving record.
Must be in good physical condition.
Must demonstrate a mechanical aptitude and some measure of manual dexterity.
Must possess the ability to climb and have the desire as well as the mental and physical capability for advancement in line work.
Is subject to the Company's random drug and alcohol testing policy.
Must be able to obtain any permits required by statutes for the operation of line equipment.
Must reside within an acceptable distance (within 45 minutes) of reporting location or be willing to relocate within nine months.
Must be available for emergency assignments.
Must be familiar with and practice company safety policies and procedures.
Must be able to perform all the essential functions of the classification.
Full Time Employment

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